Job Seekers

Whether you are a consultant looking for a new consulting project, or a candidate looking for your next permanent hire role, we can help you. Blue Ocean Resources’ goal is to provide a role that is the best for you. Placing you in a role isn’t a good decision for us unless it’s a good decision for you. Consultants and candidates like working with us because of the following reasons:

Our resources serve as an extension of the client’s team and our goal is to be a true business partner.

We provide honest and transparent appraisal of the company, position, people and culture, sharing both of the advantages and the challenges of the situation.

Nice people. We only work with nice, smart and talented people. If we wouldn’t recommend the role to our friends and family, we wouldn’t recommend it to you.

We care. We want to ensure that the role is the right role for you. We take the time to learn about your strengths, weaknesses and goals.

We want your success and will prepare you for your meeting/interview with the client. We will share tips for success in communicating with the client and best interview practices.

We are here to help. We will coach and work with you through the entire meeting/interview cycle – from sharing the role with you to negotiation of compensation and benefits.